Allergy Relief Tips for the Spring & SummerJune 9, 2015

Allergy Season Relief!

The spring and summer seasons are a wonderful time to enjoy being outside in the warmer temperatures and pretty landscapes. It is also a time of year when billions of tiny pollens in the air can trigger allergy symptoms in millions of people. This condition is called seasonal allergic rhinitis and can disrupt a person’s enjoyment of spring and summer, seriously affecting the quality of one’s life. Trees generally pollinate in the spring and grasses release their pollen in the summer. Our expert allergists at Allergy & Clinical Immunology have some helpful tips aimed at reducing your exposure to these troublesome pollens:

Allergy Season

  • Keep windows in your home and car closed to lower your exposure to pollen. To keep cool, use air conditioners and avoid using window and attic fans.
  • Consider having someone else mow your grass lawn, or wear a mask if you must mow the lawn yourself.
  • Be aware that pollen can also be transported indoors on people and pets.
  • Obtain daily pollen counts from the National Allergy Bureau, which is a service provided by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. This site will e-mail you the daily pollen counts in your area.
  • Limit outdoor activities on days with high pollen counts.
  • Taking a shower after being outdoors will help prevent the pollen from bothering you the rest of the night.
  • Remember to dry clothes in an automatic dryer rather than hanging them outside. Otherwise pollen can collect on the clothing and be carried indoors.

Contact us today at Allergy & Clinical Immunology for more information on how to deal with seasonal allergies, so that you can enjoy these beautiful seasons!