Allergy Shots and How They WorkJuly 7, 2014

Do They Work?

Allergens are everywhere and just can’t be avoided. From pollen to mold, from mites to dust, and lots of others, everyone faces allergy triggers on a daily basis. Not everyone has a poor reaction to such allergens, but many people do, and fortunately they don’t have to suffer, even if traditional medications haven’t proven effective for them. By making an appointment with an allergist specialist (called an allergist) at an allergy center, the right kind of immunotherapy can be put into action and allergy shots given for treatment.

Allergy Center

Immunotherapy doesn’t actually treat symptoms; it’s really a form of vaccination, through shots given by an allergist, which builds allergen immunity. Multiple shots are given over a course of time. These shots have small amounts of the substance that triggers an allergic reaction in a person. Once those triggers have been discovered through testing at an allergy center they can be tailored for the individual. The amount of the substance is gradually increased over time to build up the body’s resistance and lessen its sensitivity. This is called desensitization, and by working with an allergist, a person can experience abatement of allergy symptoms.

The amount of time it takes for an individual to build resistance will vary from person to person. A good allergy center will monitor progress carefully and know when to transition from the desensitization stage to the maintenance stage, which is the point at which a person’s immune system stops producing antibodies known as IgE. Because this effect is only in response to the specific allergen used in treatment, it’s very important that thorough testing by a reputable allergist at a good allergy center is pursued. Otherwise, triggers from other antigens will continue to pose problems for the individual.

Maintenance injection schedules vary, but may be as often as once every month or so. It’s a very individualized treatment process, which is why it’s so effective. If you’re suffering with allergies and would like relief, visit a good allergy center, like Allergy and Clinical based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and talk with an allergist who can help you get your allergies under control.