Pittsburgh’s Growing Allergy Season and What You Can DoMay 27, 2022

With the warm weather in full bloom in Pittsburgh, so are the allergies! According to a report from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Pittsburgh is ranked as the fifth most challenging area to live with seasonal allergies. In recent years, it has been revealed that this problem is likely worsening.

Pollen Allergy

Why is Pittsburgh Bad for Allergy Sufferers?

There has been a trend in recent years showing longer active pollen seasons and higher pollen counts. These active periods will only get longer since that has been the pattern for seasonal allergies so far.

This means that plants are producing more pollen, and they also have longer active pollen seasons, which is not good for those with seasonal allergies.

In Pittsburgh, tree pollen is the main problem for those with seasonal allergies. Based on findings at its Monroeville site, the National Allergy Bureau reported high concentrations of tree pollen.

Grass pollen is another common culprit in Pittsburgh for allergy season, which will begin aggravating allergy sufferers soon. The northern grasses, like timothy, can aggravate allergies the most within Pittsburgh.

How to Ease Pittsburgh Allergies

The main step you need to take when dealing with seasonal allergies in Pittsburgh is to keep pollen out of the house. While it is nice to get fresh air by opening up the windows, this can allow pollen into the home, which can aggravate your allergies.

It is also recommended that if you spend a long time outside, you should change your clothes and shower to remove any pollen on the clothing and skin.

If you plan to spend time outside, you may consider wearing a face mask to prevent inhaling pollen. Glasses and hats can also help keep pollen out of your eyes.

Make an Appointment with an Allergy Specialist

As pollen continues to worsen in Pittsburgh, now is the time to make an appointment at Allergy & Clinical Immunology. We will work with you to provide expert treatments that will alleviate your allergy symptoms and allow you to enjoy the warmer months! Contact us today to learn more!