There Is No Off-Season For AllergiesMay 8, 2014

It’s Allergy Season

The staff at the Allergy & Clinical allergy center is available year around to help patients to reduce their allergy suffering. While many people believe that allergies are a problem that occurs in the spring of the year when tree pollen and other common allergens are most prevalent, the truth is that allergies can occur throughout the year regardless of the season. In fact, different allergens peak at different times of the year. For example, weed pollen generally reaches its peak during summer, mold is most common in the fall and winter means increased exposure to indoor pollutants.

Allergy Season

While people with allergies likely experience more severe allergy symptoms during certain parts of the year, most will be affected by their allergies to some degree throughout the year. However, people with allergies may not always be aware that they are experiencing an allergic reaction. This is due to people with allergies getting used to their less severe symptoms and no longer even noticing them. However, it is likely that a person who has allergies will have trouble breathing and sleeping soundly even if they are not aware that they are having any problems.

In addition to natural allergens, the particulates in the air from the manufacturing industries in and around Pittsburgh also cause allergies for many residents of the area regardless of the season. The staff at Allergy & Clinical frequently provides allergy care for respiratory allergies caused by these inhaled particulates. Not all allergens are even inhaled. Many people also have food allergies that negatively impact their life. In fact, a lot of people who have food allergies are not even aware of them. This is due to food allergies only being experienced after eating a certain food, which generally does not happen often enough to allow a person to determine the source of the problem. A person may simply blame his or her symptoms on an infection or other health issue.

Though many allergies come and go throughout the year, it is important for a person who has allergies to receive allergy care throughout the year. By receiving treatment at an allergy center throughout the year, and not just when his or her allergy symptoms are most noticeable, a person will be able to live a healthier life free from symptoms. The year around allergy care will also allow the allergy center staff to find the best solutions to meet a person’s specific needs.

If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, contact Allergy & Clinical in Pittsburgh for a complete examination. The professional staff at the allergy center can help you to determine the source of your allergies and the best way allergy care treatment for you including medication and lifestyle changes. Allergy shots can also be given that will help the body to learn to deal with the allergen, which will lessen a person’s need for medication. No matter what allergy needs you may have, Allergy & Clinical is ready to help you to feel better.