Winter Allergies!?!November 15, 2015

Do You Have Winter Allergies?

Do you ever find yourself looking forward to the winter season in order to get a break from your “seasonal” allergies, only to sneeze and cough your way through the holidays? Cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean that symptoms stop. Many people don’t realize that winter weather and the holiday season can bring some triggers that can cause allergies and asthma to flare. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (ACAAI), two-thirds of allergy sufferers have year-round triggers and symptoms.

When the weather turns colder, it is natural to find yourself spending more time indoors. Many people find comfort in using a humidifier to soothe nasal passages irritated by the dry, heated air. But those allergic to dust mites and molds should use caution with this practice. Dust mites thrive in a humid environment. Keeping the humidity level in your home less than 50% will help make your environment less hospitable for dust mites. Also, an uncleaned filter in a humidifier is a great source for mold to grow. The experts at Allergy & Clinical Immunology Associates can provide you with more information on what to do about your dust mite and mold allergies through the winter.

Winter Allergies

Many special holiday traditions may make you feel less than merry with a flare of your allergy symptoms. The use of scented candles, air fresheners, artificial snow, and wood-burning fireplaces can trigger symptoms. These things are irritants to a person with allergies. Stored decorations may accumulate dust and mold. Even the fresh greenery brought into the home may be a source of mold spores and pollen!

At Allergy & Clinical Immunology Associates, we will help you identify your allergy triggers and teach you some helpful hints to make the winter and holiday season an enjoyable experience! Contact us today at 412-833-8811 to make an appointment at one of our two conveniently located offices.