“Dearest Maureen,
You are such a beautiful and special person. I have so enjoyed meeting you and having you treat me as my doctor.”

“Dear Nurses,
Thank you for your kindness and patience with our son. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much.”

“Maureen, thank you for seeing Allison. You were able to ease all of our nerves. The care you have for your patients does not go unnoticed.”

“I have been coming here for 10 years now to see Dr Miller and have been treated with nothing but courtesy and kindness from everyone, Thank You!”

“Dr DeAngelo is very attentive and caring. He spends time with patients and doesn’t hurry you. He is very thorough and I feel comfortable asking questions. He has helped my daughter when her pediatrician failed to.”

“Everything and every one has been wonderful. I feel very blessed that my family has such terrific care. Thank you for all of your kindness and support! Keep up the good work:)”

“Dr Landay, I just love him, he is excellent! Makes you feel like they are really concerned. They are the kind of nurses that make me proud to be studying nursing! Very patient, excellent listening and communication skills. I have given my friends referrals to the office.”

Thank you for all your love and care.  You have made our world so much better…….Maureen

“They are very effective. Effective is more important than efficient. An office can be efficient and not effective. Allergy & Clinical Immunology is very effective, meaning the works gets done in a way that the patient feels understood, prepared (for reactions, test results, courses of treatment) and important to the practice.”

“They make our family feel very comfortable with their friendly, outgoing, numerous personalities. Each one was nicer than the one before.”

Dear nurse Debbie and Dr Palumbo, Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and getting us to feel better. I was on the mend by the time we arrived on the 12th. By that Wednesday, Cameron and I climbed 376 spiral stairs to the top of St. Pauls Cathedral. Between God and you guys I got better, felt like a miracle. God bless You….Kim and family

Thank you for introducing me to Dr Landay it was the best experience I have ever had with any doctor in my whole life. I felt like he really cared about me as a person……….Steele

“Dr Landay is the best doctor I have ever seen.”