Asthma is still in sessionJune 1, 2016

Asthma is still in session even during summer break

With school out for the summer, children across the country will be taking to the community pools, baseball fields and other outdoor venues for some fun in the sun. But for the 9 million children in the United States suffering from asthma, it’s important that parents not let their child’s asthma management take a vacation as well.

Parents need to be observant of their child’s asthma management especially during the summer months when children tend to be more active and outdoors. But if parents work with their child to take the proper precautions there is no reason why their child can’t enjoy everything the summer months have to offer.”

Whether it’s swimming at the local pool, heading off to summer camp or playing in the backyard, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) offers the following asthma tips to help parents manage their child’s asthma:

  • Try not to exercise outside when pollen counts are high, as this could aggravate your child’s asthma.
  • Consult with an allergist/immunologist to ensure your child is taking the proper medication and notify them if reactions to medications occur.
  • Make sure your child properly stretches and warms up before exercising, take breaks during, and cool down afterward. Instruct them to drink plenty of fluids as well.
  • Make sure your child always carries an asthma inhaler, so they are prepared for any trigger that may cross their path.
  • If your child is going to summer camp, meet with camp counselors to ensure proper asthma management.
  • When building a fire, make sure your asthmatic child sits farther away and out of the wind so the smoke does not irritate their lungs.
  • Check your area for ragweed, mold and any other triggers that can affect your child’s asthma.
  • Pay attention to Ozone Alerts in your area. High temperatures combined with pollution can pose a health problem for children with asthma.

See your allergist/immunologist
The AAAAI urges parents to work with an allergist/immunologist to develop an effective management plan for their child’s asthma. An allergist/immunologist is the best-qualified medical professional trained to manage the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies and asthma.

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